The best bow sights for hunting will dramatically improve your shooting accuracy. We have reviewed over 30 sights and have determined that these are the best buys. 

The Best Bow Sight for Hunting

Top Choice

Trophy Ridge Fix Series Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Fix Series

  • 3, 5, or 7 pins
  • Price: $

Best Bang for the Buck

Topoint Archery 3-pin​ bow sight

Topoint Archery 3-pin

  • 3-pins Only
  • Price: $

Table of Contents

  1. Trophy Ridge Fix Series Bow Hunting Sight
  2. Topoint Archery 3-pin Bow Hunting Sight
  3. Why Use a Bow Sight?
  4. What to Look for When Buying a bow sight


1. Trophy Ridge Fix Series

2. Topoint Archery 3-pin

The Best Bow Sight for Hunting

When going on a hunt, you want to have the best advantage, so purchasing a bow sight can be a great buy for anyone that loves to make the big catch. It is often times hard to base your shot on the human eye and as a bowhunter, it is easy to over think or make a split decision that causes you to miss your prey. By using a bow sight, you have a better chance of hitting your target without as much guesswork. It is also important to bring a hunting flashlight when hunting in the early morning and late afternoon.

Types of Bow Sights

There are different types of bow sights that hunters can purchase. Some of them include pendulum sights, vertical pin sights, fixed and moveable pin sights, single pin sights, multiple pin sights, and reticle sights, to name a few.

  • Multiple pin sights-multiple pin sights can allow the hunter to add or take pins away. The multiple pins can come in different colors so that the hunter can know how far the range of the pin is. Multiple pin sights are easier to adjust than other sights and they can help you to customize your hunt and set it exactly how you want to shoot.       The downfall of multiple sights is that your sight can get too cluttered and become a distraction and with multiple pins, the range is not exact, and it is more of an estimate.
  • Single pin sights– single pin sights can help the hunter to not become distracted with all of the different pins.       These types of sights are easy to adjust, and they help the hunter know exactly how far he or she is shooting. With the single pin sights, the user has to move the pin to the yard they are shooting. One great thing about single pin sights is that the hunter does not have to guess how far he is shooting and can shoot in the same spot multiple times without missing. There is also less room for mistakes since the hunter can only put the pin in one slot.
  • Fixed pin sights– with these types of sights, the hunter does not have to adjust the range that he or she wants to shoot.       The fixed pin sights have a pin in place and that is where the pin stays. The advantage of fixed pin sights is that the hunter does not have to take time to change the pin sequence when they are ready to hit their target. This takes away the guesswork and allows the hunter to be ready when the time is right to take the perfect shot.
  • Adjustable pin sights– adjustable pin sights allow the user to move their pin to the desired area and shot range that they want to take. With adjustable pin sights, the hunter can hunt longer ranges and can keep two eyes on their prey without having to risk not being able to take a long enough shot.
  • Reticle sights– reticle sights are fairly expensive, but they are easy to adjust. Most of them can be adjusted with one hand and they are sturdy and helpful for beginner hunters. Reticle sights are easy to read and see and they can be set up easily. They are mostly accurate, and they can help to improve shooting quality.
  • Vertical pin sights– these types of sights are easier to adjust than other sights and they do not clutter your bow or cause you a disadvantage. With the vertical pin sight, the hunter is able to see the pin, even when the lighting is low. Since this type of pin is adjustable, the hunter can easily adjust their bow to make longer shots and to be able to hit their target area. These pin sights take less adjusting and tend to be more durable than other types of sights.

Advantages of Using a Hunting Bow Sight

Bow sights are similar to a scope that would be used for someone that was shooting a rifle or other firearm. The bow sights help the hunter to be able to aim and to have better shooting success. With a bow sight, hunters are able to have more control of where they aim and where they release their arrow.

With new technology, bow sights are better than they have ever been, and they give the hunter an advantage like never before. With the bow sights, hunters are able to aim and know where their arrow is going to go without so much guesswork. If the hunter is looking to have a clean shot, they can use their bow sight to make accurate shots. Another advantage is that with a bow sight, the hunter can hunt from all different areas and distances and still be able to make the perfect shot.

Why Use a Hunting Bow Sight?

Even though it is not impossible to hunt without a bow sight, hunting can be much harder for those that choose to just go with their own sight over a bow sight. Shooting from long distances without having a way to aim can cause there to be misses and cause the hunter to come up short when taking a shot.

Even though using a bow needs instinct, instinct with bow sights can make hunting more profitable and can have so many different advantages. Like with all other products, it is important for the hunter to find the bow sight that works best for them so that they can save money and have one that fits all of their hunting needs.

Tips for purchasing the Best Hunting Bow Sight

Like all other products, a bow sight can be depending on the hunter and his or her personal preferences. There are some bow sights that make shooting easier and call for less guessing and other bow sights that still leave the guesswork for shooting the bow. It is best for the hunter to try out different bow sights to figure out which one best meets their needs.

  • Decide which hand is your dominate shooting hand. Sights can be customized for left handed or right handed shooting.
  • Choose how many pins and what type of pin sight is best for your hunt.
  • Pick what material you want your bow sight to be, plastic or cheaper material.
  • Find which features you love and pick a bow sight that has those features. Some features include lighting, special coating that is softer, larger view areas, vertical bars, and what kind of mounting bracket you want.
  • Some bow sights are harder to adjust than other sights, be prepared to pick a sight that fits your hunting level.

Why Should You Purchase a Hunting Bow Sight?

Purchasing a hunting bow sight can give you an advantage over other bow hunters. With the perfect sight, you can find your prey and make a clean hunt with little guesswork. Take advantage of a day of hunting with a bow sight that can help you to aim and take the perfect shot. When purchasing a hunting bow sight, make sure that you know all of your options and that you pick the one that is best suited for your hunting needs. This can give you a hunter’s advantage that you have been looking for!