Family recreation is the best type of recreation and water recreation cannot be beat. Finding the best canoe for families can be a great purchase and it is important to find the option that is the best for a family. When purchasing a canoe for the family, it is important to decide on a few different factors such as what kind of paddling do you enjoy, how much gear do you want to pack, how many people will be canoeing and what kind of trips will you be taking, short or long?

The Best Canoe for Family Comparison

Top Choice

  • Saltwater/Freshwater
  • Seats: 3
  • Price: $

Best Bang for the Buck

  • Freshwater Only
  • Seats: 3
  • Price: $$

Best Canoe for Families Reviews

The Sun Dolphin Scout SS Canoe is a perfect canoe for paddling, or it can be upgraded with a built-in motor that makes trolling fun. This canoe is made of high-density polyethylene hull that is durable and will help your canoe last for seasons to come.

The Sun Dolphin Scout is stable and offers tracking and is built with a six-rod holder. This canoe is 14-foot-long and has a square stern, has molded-in seats that are built with safety in mind, and is made for up to three people. The canoe has a weight of 84 pounds.

According to, the Sun Dolphin Scout SS Canoe has a 3.9 out of 5-star rating with some of the best features including rod holders, the spacious and stable interior and the built-in oar holders.

The Sun Dolphin Mackinaw is a perfect canoe for family recreational canoeing. This canoe is built to fit three people and is easy to transport with built-in transport handles. The Sun Dolphin Mackinaw weights 95 pounds and is 187.5 x 42 x 18.6 inches long.

This canoe features a cooler under the seat so that the user can store drinks to keep cool on a hot, wet day. There are drink holders that are molded into each seat, making this activity fun and cool. The canoe is made of hard polymer so that it can last through all seasons. The Sun Dolphin features bow and stern tie-downs so that you will not lose your canoe, even when not in use.

The best feature of this canoe is the warranty which includes a two-year limited manufacturer warranty. So, if there is a problem with your canoe, contact the seller to have it resolved quickly. gives the Sun Dolphin Mackinaw a 3.9 out of 5-star rating with many of the features being the stability of the canoe, great storage areas and an amazing price!

Tips for Purchasing a Canoe for the Family

When choosing the right canoe for your family, it is important to decide what type of recreation you are looking to have. Recreational canoes, for example, are more stable and generally do not flip when in use. These types of canoes are made for general paddling because they are not as maneuverable as other canoes due to their size and their stability.

Other canoes, such as multi-purpose canoes, are made for those that are looking for high speed paddling such as whitewater rafting. These types of canoes are good at manuevering through fast waters and are designed to carry more gear for longer trips.

River canoes are designed for people that are looking to canoe through rapids and are not afraid to get wet. These types of canoes are built to withstand high impact rides and are made to help the rider go through all different types of waters.

The size of the canoe is important because it determines how fast or how slow the canoe will go. Longer canoes are easier to paddle when you go long distances and they hold more gear, but they are slower. Shorter canoes are lighter, and they are faster and fit better in narrow streams. The shorter canoes have less stability than longer canoes.

Width and depth are other factors to consider, the wider the canoe, the more stable the ride, and the narrower the canoe the less stable the canoe will be. Even though narrow seems to be faster, they are easier to flip. Deeper canoes help keep the water out but are affected more by strong winds, shallow canoes do not fight the wind, but they let water in.

Other features to consider when purchasing a canoe for your family is the shape of the canoe, the material, size, how many seats that the canoe has, what kind of seats, carrying comfort, and how much maintenance you want to put into the canoe.

Making a canoe purchase for your family can be a great investment and can be fun for the entire family. Remember to consider all options when making a purchase.