When hunting, it is important to have all of the equipment needed in order to make the perfect catch. Using a coyote or predator call can be useful for all of your hunts. Learning how to use a coyote and predator call does not have to be hard and you do not have to spend a lot of money to get a good one, either.

Hunters have used predator calls for years and since this has become a big thing, more and more companies are producing these calls. In order to get the perfect one for you, there are a few things that you need to look for.

When hunting is your passion, it is important to make sure that you have the perfect equipment to make your trip amazing. Having a predator call can give you the upper hand during any hunt. Deciding what type of predator call you are looking for or what type of hunting you are hoping to achieve can make all the difference in your decision.

When hunting for coyote, not only will you need a distress call, but you will also need a green or red hunting light.

The Best Coyote Calls / Predator Distress Calls

Best Wakesurf Board

Icotec Gen2 Electronic Game Call

Second Best

Best Buy

Table of Contents

  1. Icotec Gen2 GC300 Electronic Game Call
  2. Primos Hunting 3756 Alpha Dogg Electric Predator Call
  3. FOXPRO Hammerjack American Made Electric Predator Call
  4. Tips for Buying the Perfect Coyote and Predator Call
  5. Why you Should Purchase the Perfect Coyote or Predator Call

1. Icotec Gen2 GC300 Electronic Game Call

The Icotec Gen2 electronic predator call is easy to use and it is worth every penny that it costs. This predator call does not require any type of programing or number sequences in order to play the call, so it makes it easy for any hunter to use and understand. With this game call, users can change the sound that they want to play or can play two different sounds at one time.

The Icotec Gen2 makes sounds so that coyotes can hear the call and come instead of shying away. This electronic game call is light weight and easy to carry so it makes any hunting trip easy and fuss free.

This electronic game call includes the calls: cottontail distress, jack rabbit distress, coyote pup distress, fawn distress, woodpecker distress, crow distress, raccoon pup distress, gray fox distress, coyote female, coyote male, coyote yip and bobcat adult distress.

The Gen2 works within 300 yards and it can pause and restart whenever you need it to. There are 12 different calls that mimic the species perfectly. With the on and off backlit buttons, night hunting is right at your fingertips.

The Icotec Gen2 has a super long battery life and requires 4 AA for the caller and 1-A23 battery for the remote.

Pros of the Icotec Gen2 GC300 Electronic Game Call:

  • High end sound machine.
  • 300-yard range.
  • Pause button.
  • Decoy port.
  • Backlit buttons so you can hunt at night.
  • One click button and the caller does all the work.
  • Lightweight.
  • Compact design for easy carrying.

Cons of the Icotec Gen2 GC300 Electronic Game Call:

  • Does not include batteries.
  • Range is not quite as far as product listed.

2. Primos Hunting 3756 Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call

The Primos Hunting predator call has an in and out port that is perfect to add extra speakers and to create custom sounds. This call can work like an MP3 player and other sounds can be downloaded with the additional USB Cable port that is provided.

This predator call is made out of rugged material and includes a speaker case that is elevated so that it does not have to sit on the ground, making the sound travel further. The Primos has tri-pod legs and is camouflaged so to not scare away the prey.

The Primos predator call can work with a remote up to 200 feet away and the playlist is listed and organized by different species of animals, making this call easy to use. It is also fully programmable so that it can play all of your calls that you want it to play without having to push a button.

The Primos Hunting predator call comes with a full color LCD.

Pros of the Primos Hunting 3756 Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call:

  • Has “no distortion” speakers.
  • Adjustable up to 180 degrees.
  • Rotating cone speaker.
  • Includes 64 different calls.
  • Includes a remote that can work up to 200 feet.
  • Easy to work remote.
  • Stores over 1000 different sounds beyond the custom sounds.
  • 2GB internal memory.
  • USB Port.
  • Tripod legs.
  • 2.5-inch LCD built in screen on the remote.
  • In and out audio ports.
  • Made of high-quality material.

Cons of the Primos Hunting 3756 Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call:

  • Battery power source instead of a rechargeable battery.
  • Screen on remote is easy to break.
  • Volume control is hard to work.
  • Remote is hard to sync.
  • Low quality speakers.
  • Remote control delay.
  • Scratchy sound, distorted sound system.

3. FOXPRO Hammerjack American Made Electronic Predator Call

The FOXPRO Hammerjack predator call comes with over 100 sounds and each sound has its own category to make it easy to use. This is a small speaker that is easy to carry and weighs only 2.5 pounds, even with the batteries.

The FOXPRO predator call includes a USB port so that you can control and create your own sounds. It includes two speakers that are amplified, and it also has 2 external speaker jacks so you can plug up your own speakers if it is not loud enough for you.

The FOXPRO Hammerjack predator call has a front horn speaker so that the sounds and distress calls are easy to hear. The back of the speaker includes low frequency sounds so that it can mimic the sound of a bear, owl or a mountain lion.

This predator call has clear sound and is loud but can be even louder with external speakers. This product includes a remote that is easy to use and is categorized by animal type for quick usage. The remote includes two preset buttons, a volume up and down button, a mute button and other buttons but is still compact and easy to use.

The FOXPRO is made of high-quality materials and most importantly, it has a 5-year limited warranty, and was made in the USA! This predator call has settings that have already been set and they can use different sequences, depending on your hunting needs.

Pros of the FOXPRO Hammerjack American Made Predator Call:

  • Over 100 sounds programmed.
  • Can hold over 300 different sounds.
  • Includes a Fox Jack decoy.
  • Maps your caller after you shoot your prey.
  • Has dual speakers.
  • Includes a remote control that is easy to use.
  • Has high and low frequency sounds.
  • Size: 8 x 5.5 x 6 inches.
  • Weighs 2.4 pounds for easy carrying.
  • USB ports.
  • Includes auxiliary jack.
  • Has sounds categorized.

Cons of the FOXPRO Hammerjack American Made Predator Call:

  • Takes batteries instead of a rechargeable battery pack.

Tips for buying the perfect coyote and predator call

  • Portability-look for a coyote and predator call that is easy to haul around. When hunting or looking for game, you do not want to have the extra weight of trying to lug around a predator call. Some are made to be very compact and are hand held designs, while others are larger and include cameras and remotes.
  • Usability-Make sure that you purchase a coyote or predator call that is easy to use. If you have a hard time of figuring out how to use it, it may not be the perfect buy for you. Find one that has simple instructions and one that is easy to use.
  • Rugged and Reliable-When hunting, there are chances that you will be outside in different types of weather, rain, snow, sleet, and high winds. Make sure that you find a coyote and predator call that is rugged and can hold tight through all of the weather changes. This is important when doing hunts in different seasons.
  • Extras-Coyote and Predator calls can come with extra amenities, just like anything else. They can come with extra speakers, built in lights, cameras, remotes, extra calls, LED indicators, rechargeable battery packs and more. Make sure that you find the perfect one that you are looking for with all of the added extras that you want.

Why You Should Purchase the Perfect Coyote or Predator Call

Hunting is more than a sport; it is a way of life. Finding the perfect equipment for the hunt can be a game changer. When buying a coyote or predator call, make sure that you use the buying guide so that you can find just what you are looking for to make your hunting trip a success!

Be sure to stay warm while hunting! Invest in some warm hunting clothes like a camo neck gaiter or camo hunting boots