The best hunting base layers are important for keeping you warm during the cold winter months. It can be hard to stay warm while spending hours sitting still in the deer stand or duck blind. Without proper blood flow it is easy to become cold. A base layer will fight to help you stay warm by keeping the heat close to your body. 

We have tested and reviewed the best hunting base layers below. Also check out the warmest hunting boots and camouflage wind resistant neck gators.

The 3 Best Hunting Base Layers

Best Hunting Base Layer

MeetYoo Thermal Underwear Set

Second Best

MeetYoo Thermal Base Layer

Best Buy for Women

Pisiqi Thermal Base Layer

Table of Contents

  1. Meetyoo Thermal Base Layer Review
  2. Minn Kota Endura Review
  3. Pisiqi Thermal Underwear
  4. Which Base Layers Are the Best to Purchase for Hunting?
  5. Why are Base Layers Important
  6. What to Look for When Purchasing the Perfect Base Layer?

Meetyoo Thermal Underwear – Compression Base Layer

MeetYoo Thermal Underwear SetThe Meetyoo is a pair of men’s thermal underwear, compression suits that are perfect for any type of hunting. This base layer set comes in sizes small-XX-Large and comes in three different colors, black, green and blue.

The Meetyoo is made of 92% polyester and 8% of spandex, it is fleece lined and helps to keep moisture out of the clothing and helps to prevent sweat and keeps your skin perfectly dry after any type of movement. The Meetyoo is made of material that allows for air circulation, which can help to prevent any types of body odors and will help to keep your body dry and comfortable.

With a skin-friendly design, the Meetyoo has a four-pin and six-wire process that stops any type of body friction and allows there to be perfect body comfort even in the harshest hunting circumstances.

The Meetyoo thermal set is lined with fleece with only 0.5kg of weight that can help to keep you warm but will also allow you to be free to move and comfortable. This base layer is washable and can be used for any season.

The Meetyoo comes in long sleeves and was made to keep comfort in mind. This thermal set gives the wearer flexibility and helps to prevent skin irritation. One of the best things about this thermal set is that it comes with a 100% guarantee and you can get a full refund within 30 days.

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Meetyoo Thermal Underwear Set, Sport Long Johns Base Layer for Male

MeetYoo Thermal Base LayerThe Meetyoo Men’s Thermal Underwear Base Layer comes in sizes small-XX-large and comes in three colors; black, green and brown. This base layer is made up of 92% polyester and 8% spandex which helps the wearer to stay dry and comfortable. With moisture wicking and quick dry performance, the Meetyoo Men’s thermal Underwear Base Layer helps to absorb sweat to help keep your body dry.

The Meetyo Long John Base Layer offers circulation and is made of a breathable material to help keep out body odors. This material is made with a four-pin, six-wire process to help keep the clothing comfortable and to prevent scratching.

This base layer has a 0.5kg weight to keep you warm in cool weather and cool in warm weather. It is washable and can be used for all seasons. The Meetyoo Long John Base Layer comes in two pieces, featuring an elastic waistband and fleece lined material to help with comfort and dryness.

The Meetyo keeps shape and can help to keep you from feeling gross or soggy after any type of physical activity. Please note: If you want a looser fit, go one size up. One of the best things about this product is it offers a 100%, money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase!

Pisiqi Thermal Underwear Women Ultra-Soft Base Layer

Pisiqi Thermal Base LayerThe Pisiqi Thermal Base Layer for women comes in two pieces, a long-sleeved shirt, and bottoms. This base layer is made up of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, including an elastic waistband for an extra comfortable fit.

The Pisiqi base layer helps to keep you dry and warm and offers material that will help prevent skin chafing. This base layer comes in sizes small to x-large and is super soft and warm. This thermal for women has shrinkage control which means that it will stay the same size even after multiple washes.

The Pisiqi base layer helps to lock out moisture and helps to keep you dry by absorbing any body moisture and drying quickly to make sure that you stay warm and dry.

Since the Pisiqi is lightweight and warm, you can wear it in any type of outdoor activities, especially when hunting.

Which Base Layers Are the Best to Purchase for Hunting?

One amazing skill that survivalists have is hunting. Hunting can not only be a hobby, but it can also be something that someday will save your life. If feeding your family is important to you, you may someday need to be able to hunt. Hunting can be a huge part of survival, but it can also be a huge part of recreation. This hobby is one that never gets old!

Hunting helps people to learn many different types of skills such as patience, endurance, and perseverance. There is always something that the hunter can learn and there are always new types of hunting that can help you to acquire ne skills and different ideas. Regardless of what type of hunting you love, or you want to try, nothing can ruin a hunting trip faster than the weather. If the weather is too hot, it can cause you to be uncomfortable and to not be able to concentrate on what is going on around you. A lack of concentration can cause even the best hunter to miss the perfect shot. When the weather is too cold, it can cause you to shiver and to freeze, taking your mind off of the real prize.

One important factor of hunting is finding the perfect clothing to wear. If you plan your trip with precision, you can be comfortable and that can make all the difference when you go out to make a big catch. Planning what you will wear on your hunting trip can make all of the difference. If the clothing is too hot, it can cause you to be sweaty which can make you wet and uncomfortable. If the clothing is not warm enough, it can cause you to be too cold and can keep you from enjoying your day. Base layers play a humongous role in keeping your body the perfect temperature and keeping your body comfortable for the big day. If you choose the perfect base layers, they should help to keep you warm and dry, regardless of what the weather outside is.

It is very important for you to consider a base layer of clothing as part of your hunting equipment. Finding the perfect base layer for hunting is important because hunters need different base layers than other base layers for different hobbies.

Why Are Base Layers Important?

Hunting can be a sport that requires both physical skills and mental skills. Some types of hunting require the hunter to perform many different physical activities while other types of hunting allow the hunter to remain relaxed and still. Regardless of what type of hunting that you love, hunting still requires patience and endurance for all levels of hunters.

Sometimes hunters need extra time for setting up their area such as building a tree-stand. When building a tree stand, it takes a lot of work and patience in order to effectively make it work. When a hunter has to build something, they need to be wearing clothing that will help to keep them both warm and cool and more importantly, dry. If a hunter gets too sweaty and wet before the big hunt, they will spend their entire day uncomfortable.

If you have clothing that allows you to continuously sweat, this can cause even more problems than just being uncomfortable. Animals have a keen sense of smell and if you smell sweaty or have body odor, there is a huge chance that your prey will smell you before you even have a chance to have a successful hunt.

Clothing that does not keep you warm and allows you to be too cold will cause you to freeze and to shiver. This will cause you to be uncomfortable, especially at night when the temperatures begin to fall. When you become uncomfortable and cold, chances are that you will not last through the night or be successful in bringing home a kill.

Knowing that clothing plays such a huge role in your hunting, it is important to make sure that you consider your base layer to be as important as what type of weapon you are hunting with or what type of area you are going to be visiting. Make your clothing choices one of your top priorities when preparing for your hunting trip. Make sure to pick clothing that will help you to avoid body temperature changes and that the clothing will help to keep you dry and comfortable. Below are some great tips for purchasing a base layer for hunting:

  • Evaporative Material

    • When purchasing a base layer, make sure that you find clothing that will help to keep you dry. Finding evaporative material that will keep the sweat away from your body and will pull it to the top layer so that it can quickly evaporate is essential in hunting comfort.       This type of base layer material will help to keep you dry, warm and from experiencing chapped skin.       Base layers that absorb your body moisture into the material will cause you to be wet and cold, making your hunting experience awful.
  • Odor Reducing Material

    • When hunting, you want to “keep your game up,” literally. It is important that you take every step to ensure that you have a successful hunt, and by choosing the right base layer, you can do just that. Base layers that allow body odor to seep through, not only can ruin your trip, but they can leave you feeling unsure of yourself. Having a strong body odor can cause your prey to shy away from where you are and can give away your hiding place. When purchasing a base layer, make sure that it has an antimicrobial system so that it can mask body odor and can treat bacteria growth that helps to cause foul odors.
  • Comfort

    • Having clothing that is comfortable and cozy is important not just for sleeping but also for hunting. When the clothing feels good against your skin, it can encourage comfort and calmness. Base layers are usually tight so that they can keep moisture from your body, so with the tightness of the layer, it is important that it is not too tight to where it will keep you from moving or too thick where it makes you feel uncomfortable or restricted.
  • Body Temperature Control Material

    • It is important that your body be a comfortable temperature. Purchase base layers that can keep you cool when it is hot outside and ones that can keep you warm when it is cool.       These materials need to have good airflow so that they can be comfortable during any type of weather.

What to Look for When Purchasing the Perfect Base Layers?

Purchasing the perfect clothing is easy. It is best to look closely at the different types of base layers that are being offered. They may all look the same, but each one is made from different material. Look for materials that will be comfortable and protective all at the same time.

The different types of materials can include cotton, wool, polyester and a blend of different materials.

  • Cotton

    • Helps to keep out moisture but is a material that absorbs sweat. This type of material can allow the hunter to become wet and cold.
  • Wool

    • Keeps moisture out and does not absorb moisture.       It helps to keep out odors but can be uncomfortable against the skin.
  • Merino wool-another type of wool that keeps out moisture, does not absorb moisture, keeps out odors and is not itchy.
  • Polyester

    • keeps out moisture and does not absorb sweat but this material can allow body odor unless the material is specifically treated.
  • Some base layers have a combination of the materials listed above.

Base layers also come with different features such as stretchy, smooth, odor control, zippers, and choices of weighted material. It is important to decide what type of style and materials that you want to wear on your hunting trip.

Get A Base Layer That is Right for You!

When hunting or doing any outdoor activity, make sure that you find the base layer that is perfect for you. Staying dry, warm and comfortable is extremely important when hunting! Get the best experience by purchasing a base layer that fits all of your hunting needs!