The best knee boards are perfect for a day on the lake. These knee boards will provide smooth and quiet navigation to provide the best possible fishing experience.

Making a kneeboard purchase can be a big buy. It is important to find the perfect kneeboard because you make the decision on which on you want to purchase.

The Best Knee Boards Comparison

Best Pick

SereneLife Kneeboard

Serene Life

Best Buy

Hydroslide Kneeboard

Hydro Slide

3rd Best

Driftsun Crush Kneeboard Sideview

Drift Sun

4th Best

Leader Accessories Kneeboard

Leader Accessories

5th Best

O'Brien Kneeboard


Table of Contents

  1. The Best Kneeboard Reviews
  2. Why Use a Kneeboard?
  3. Guide to Buying the Right Kneeboard
  4. Different Types of Kneeboards
  5. Which Kneeboard is best for me?
  6. Competitive Kneeboards
  7. What to look for in a competitive kneeboard
  8. Recreational Kneeboards
  9. Tips for Deciding Which Kneeboard is right for You
  10. How to ride a kneeboard

The Best Kneeboard Reviews

#1. SereneLife Kneeboard

SereneLife KneeboardThe SereneLife kneeboard is our top pick for the best kneeboard because of its affordable price, great performance, and light weight.

The Serenelife knee board is very light and easy to both carry out of the water and control on the water. The board weighs just under 9 pounds and is small enough to fit in your vehicle or boat box. 

The kneeboard also offers safety straps to hold the boarder against the kneeboard. The board is 50 inches long and 20 inches wide, which is the perfect size for older children, teens, and adults when taking into account the adjustable strap. 

Women Riding SereneLife Kneeboard

One of out favorite things about the SereneLife Kneeboard is that it is corrosion-proof and is built with marine grade materials. Another thing we loved is the boards versatility. The board is extremely versatile and can be used by beginners or advanced riders. 


#2. HydroSlide Kneeboard

Hydroslide KneeboardThe Hydroslide kneeboard features a classic spoon shape that allows for a smooth, easy, and exciting ride. The spoon shape will not only help the rider control the board, but will also help the rider pop off of the wake when trying to get some air. 

Another thing we liked about this board is the quality of padding. The EVA knee pads are very comfortable and include deep knee wells for advanced control. The Hydroslide is also very light and can be used for beginners or advanced riders. 

The board features a hydro hook that will help any beginner rider get on their knees after starting the boat. Having a start hook for beginner rides is essential to success. 

#3. Driftsun Crush Kneeboard

Driftsun Crush Kneeboard SideviewThe Driftsun Crush kneeboard is our pick for the third best kneeboard thanks to its advanced comfort. This kneeboard features a flex top-pad with deep knee wells for maximum comfort and soft landings. 

The kneeboard also features a roto-molded shell with an EPS core and board rocker. The continuous rocker design allows for easier tricks, landings, and control.  

We also liked this board because of its durability. The Driftsun is designed with an extremely durable shell and knee strap brackets to withstand anything the water can dish out. 

This kneeboard is very versatile and can be used with beginner to intermediate boarders. Although this board is great for any skill level, it is a little more suited for boarders who like to attempt tricks. Thanks to the twin-tip and continuous rocker design, this board is perfect for jumps, spins, landings, and backwards riding. 

#4. Leader Accessories Kneeboard

Leader Accessories KneeboardThe Leader Accessories Kneeboard is a durable board that if made from EVA foam padding. It has a ¾” padded area to help keep you comfortable. It also comes with an integrated hook that can give beginners a better advantage of taking off on the board.

The strap on the Leader Kneeboard is strong and padded so it gives the rider both stability and comfort. The Leader kneeboard has edges that are beveled so that it will sit in the water lower and make easier turns. This feature allows the board to be more stable in the water.

The Leader kneeboard is 50 inches x 20 inches and weighs only 13 pounds.

Pros of purchasing the Leader Accessories Kneeboard:

  • Stability
  • Comfort
  • Comes in four colors: yellow, red, blue and golden.
  • Graffiti styling.
  • Thick and soft knee padding.

#5. O'Brien Voodoo Kneeboard

O'Brien KneeboardThe O’Brien Voodoo Kneeboard with Hook is a kneeboard that offers a smooth ride. It has edges that are low profile so they can help to do tricks and spins. The fins are quad molded fins that are placed at each end of the hull to give smooth and fast movement on the water.

This kneeboard offers a ¾ inch kneepad so that your knees can be padded and comfortable. It also comes with a padded strap for extra safety that is both comfortable and safe.

The O’Brien Voodoo Kneeboard is 53 x 5 x 23.8 inches and weighs only 11.55 pounds.

Pros of purchasing the O’Brien Voodoo Kneeboard:

  • Thick and plush pad for extra knee comfort.
  • Good size board for children and adults.
  • Comes with a tow rope handle so that beginners can get into position before starting.
  • Made out of plastic, molded construction.

Why Use a KneeBoard?

Kneeboards are often preferred over water skis because they are easier to control and start. Kneeboards generally include a hook on the front of the board that will allow the boarder to simply lie on the board until the boat has reached adequate speed. 

Guide to Buying the Right Kneeboard

Buying a kneeboard can be a fun and rewarding experience for anyone who loves to go in and out of the water. It is important when making this fun purchase that you find the kneeboard that is perfect for you or your family!

There are many different types of kneeboards, some are for beginner riders, while others are for those that are more advanced. Either way, buying a kneeboard can give you a water experience that you never dreamed of!

Different Types of Kneeboards

There are many different styles of kneeboards, but there are generally two types of kneeboards that most people purchase. These are either competitive kneeboards or recreational kneeboards. Here we will talk about both types and find the one that perfectly fits your needs!

  • Competitive Kneeboards

    Most of the competitive kneeboards on the market are more durable and they perform differently than the recreational type. They are made of stronger material, mostly molded and compressed material.
  • Recreational Kneeboards

    These types of kneeboards are generally made to be wider and with edges that are soft. With the softer edges, riders are able to make smoother turns and stay in control of the board.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Kneeboard is Best for Me?

Either type of kneeboard can work for those that are looking to have some fun in the water, but as will all products, one might be more suited to you based on your knowledge and your experience in kneeboard riding. Here we will discuss the different types of kneeboards so that you can get an idea on what type of purchase you might want to make.

Competitive Kneeboards

Competitive kneeboards are just that, they are boards that are used for competing and really hitting the water hard. With competitive boards, there is a likely chance that you will pay more money and that you will get a board that is built to stand up to harsh water fun. Here are some facts about competitive kneeboards:

  • Better for advanced kneeboard riders.
  • Rugged edges to help allow the user to perform tricks and to make wild turns.
  • Dense and non-buoyant.
  • Can be used in deep waters.
  • Faster and more agile.
  • Able to make short and quick turns.
  • The edges and the bottom are more round than other boards.

What to Look for In a Competitive Board

A competitive board can be rather pricey, so when looking to make this type of purchase, it is important to have an idea what you would like to buy and what kind of sporting you are hoping to accomplish. Many of the competitive types of kneeboards come with standard options but they can also be customized to fit all of your needs.

  • Weight

    Weight is an important factor to look at when purchasing a kneeboard. Some of the competitive kneeboards come to fit people of all weights and sizes, but make sure to notice the weight limit when making your purchase.
  • Water Feel

    Buying a kneeboard that is smooth or rough can make all of the difference in what your board does and what you can accomplish on the water. The smoother that the board is, the more speed it can produce.
  • Maneuverability

    Maneuverability is one of the most important aspects of any competitive board. If you are in the water and wanting to make high impact or sharp turns, you need a board that is light and durable.
  • Comfort

    Comfort is important because a kneeboard requires you to put all of your weight on your knees. Make sure that you purchase a board that is well padded and soft so that your bones and joints can be cushioned.
  • Safety

    Some boards come with extra safety features such as a strap that can go around them to protect them from falling off of the board. This added feature can be more expensive, but it is worth it to keep you from getting hurt.

Recreational Kneeboards

The recreational kneeboard is perfect for someone that just wants to get out on the water and have fun. It is easy to use and buoyant so it can float on top of the water for better control. Recreational boards are slightly cheaper than competitive kneeboards, but they too can be customized to fit all of your needs. Here are some great options to consider when purchasing your new recreational kneeboard:

  • Style

    Consider the style. The wider and thicker the board, the more stability you will have on the water. If you do not plan on doing tricks, having stability can be important, especially for beginners.
  • Edges

    Look at the edge. If there is a smoother edge, chances are that it will sit a little lower in the water and will give you more stability.
  • Straps and Hooks

    Built in strap or hook. With a built-in strap or hook, it can help you to get on the board without much hassle. This can be useful for people that are unexperienced or for children.

Tips for Deciding Which Kneeboard is Right for You

Kneeboards can be fun for the entire family. There are some important tips to think about no matter what type of kneeboard you are looking to buy. Here are some great things to look for when making your exciting purchase:

  • The style of the fin

    The style of the fin can make the board more usable in trick situations. Depending on the style of riding that you are planning on doing, the fin can make all of the difference.
  • Versatility

    If you are planning a family trip, make sure that you purchase a board that can fit everyone in the family. Beginner boards are able to hold up on the water easier and can fit almost anyone from children to adults.
  • Edges

    Check out the edges of the board. Some edges can help you to maneuver through the water easier and do spins and tricks, while other edges help the kneeboard to stay on top of the water for more stability.
  • Size

    The size and thickness of the board can change the way that the board rides in the water. When the board is thinner, it can be safer in case if flies out of the water.
  • Extra Security

    Some boards come with extra security straps to help make sure that the item keeps you safe and helps you to stay on. Extra straps can be useful for mounting the board and for hanging on.
  • Knee Padding

    Kneepads can make or break the way that you use your kneeboard. Make sure that you purchase a kneeboard with extra padding since most of your impact will be on your knees and legs.

How to Ride a Kneeboard

Riding a kneeboard can be tough to learn when first starting out. Often the most difficult part is simply getting up and strapped in while the boat is pulling. 

The best way to start is by lying flat on the board and putting the rope handle into the hook at the top of the board. Once the boat begins to pull the board, the rope handle will latch onto the kneeboard hook. The rider should lie flay until the boat has reached cruising speed. 

Once the boat has reached its cruising speed, the rider should crawl up onto their knees while leaving the rope handle attached to the hook at the top of the board. The rider should subsequently strap down their knees and get in a comfortable position for the ride. 

After the knee boarder has properly strapped himself or herself in and feels comfortable, they can proceed to grabbing the rope handle. 

Once holding the rope handle the boarder is free to move as desired. The best way to move the board is to lean in the direction in which the boarder wants to go. For example, if you lean to the left, the left edge of the kneeboard should cut deeper into the water and begin to move you to the left. this works the same way for the right side as well. 

A great alternative to kneeboarding is wakesurfing. Check out our post about wakesurf boards