The best ping pong paddle (or table tennis bat) for beginners are perfect for people who are just starting and need a more forgiving paddle. You don’t need to have the best ping pong paddle to win, but you do need a table tennis bat that offers good control, forgiveness, and can generate spin. 

We have tested and reviewed several table tennis bats and have not only determined the best ping pong paddles for beginners, but have also determined the the most affordable buys and the paddles that offer the best performance. 

The Best Ping Pong Paddle for Beginners

Individual Beginner Ping Pong Paddles

Top Choice

Duplex 4 Star Beginner Ping Pong Paddle

Duplex Ping Pong Paddle

  • Control: 8
  • Spin: 4

Best Bang for the Buck

Killerspin Jet200 Beginner Ping Pong Paddle

Killerspin JET200

  • Control: 7
  • Spin: 4

Beginner Ping Pong Paddle Sets

Top Choice

JP WinLook Beginner Ping Pong Paddle - 4 Pack

JP WinLook

  • Control: 8
  • Spin: 4

Best Bang for the Buck

Killerspin Jet Beginner Ping Pong Paddle - 4 Pack

Killerspin Jet

  • Control: 7
  • Spin: 4

Table of Contents

  1. Newport NV-Series Review
  2. Minn Kota Endura Review
  3. Why Use a Beginner Ping Pong Paddle?
  4. What to Look for When Buying at Ping Pong Paddle

The Best Ping Pong Paddles for Beginners

Playing ping pong can be exciting and having the best ping pong paddle can be the difference between winning and losing. There are many, many different types of ping pong paddles that you can choose from and since so many people now play table tennis, the ping pong paddle options are endless!

Why Should You Buy a Ping Pong Paddle that is Perfect for a Beginner?

If you are looking to become a great ping pong player, it is important that you start out with a paddle that is perfect for teaching and learning. Buying a beginner ping pong paddle can cost you way less money and can give you the opportunity to see if ping pong is a sport that you want to learn and continue in or if it is just going to be a recreational sport. With there being so many options, it is important that you try out different styles so that you can find the one that fits your grip perfectly and one that gives you the chance to learn the game. Since beginner paddles are relatively less expensive than intermediate paddles, you can afford to purchase a beginner one and then move down the line as your skills increase.

What to Look for in a Ping Pong Paddle

When purchasing a ping pong paddle, there are many different types of things that you need to look for, one being how good at ping pong you actually are. If you are a beginner, most of you know that you might need to purchase a paddle that makes learning a tad bit easier.

For a beginner, you will want to look at ping pong paddles that can help you to always get the ball on the table. That is the most important part of ping pong and keeping the ball on the table can take a lot of practice, so having a paddle that helps with this is very important.

Practicing and getting comfortable with the ping pong paddle can make a huge difference in your game but having a ping pong paddle that is built for your level can help you become the player that you want to be.

Parts of a Ping Pong Paddle

When purchasing a ping pong paddle, it is important to first know what you are buying. There are two parts of the ping pong paddle, the first part is the blade. The blade is the part that is made out of wood. The blade is made out of materials like metal or wood. Most of the ping pong paddle blades for beginners are made out of wood, even up to 9 different layers. The reason behind wood ping pong paddles is that they are more lightweight and easier to swing, especially for those that are just learning how to handle them.

The second part of the ping pong paddle is called the rubber. The rubber is made exactly of that, rubber, or it can also be made out of sponge. This part of the paddle is where most of the energy of the ball will come from. If you hit it in the exact right spot of the rubber, you can see your ball fly past your opponent and give you a score.

When purchasing a ping pong paddle, it is important to find the blade that fits your grip. The blade can come in three different grip types. Here is a list of the types of grips that most players use:

  • Pen hold grip-this type of grip is considered the second most popular grip and it is a full handed grip. This is the same type of style that tennis players use.
  • Shake hand grip-The shake hand grip looks like its name, the way that you shake hands with someone. This type of grip is popular for players that are more intermediate players.
  • Shallow grip-the shallow grip is the grip that tends to be most comfortable for beginner ping pong players. This grip helps you to keep a flexible wrist and can make you feel like your shots are balanced.

It is important to try all three styles so that you can decide which one feels the best for each of your swings.

Another important factor is the rubber. The stickiness and the size of the rubber can determine how you hit the ball. If the rubber is soft, it can hold the ball to the paddle longer and give you more opportunity to put a spin on the ball. Also, if the rubber is stickier, it will also hold on to the ball more. The thicker that the rubber is, the less spin, but the easier it is to hold the ball on the table.

What to Look for when Buying a Ping Pong Paddle for a Beginner (Table Tennis Bat)

There are several things to look for when buying a ping pong paddle. They include the following: 

What to Look for When Purchasing the Best Ping Pong Paddle for a Beginner

There are a variety of things that you need to look for when purchasing a ping pong paddle, but what about specifically for beginners? As we mentioned, beginners need a little extra time to get the feel of the table, the paddle and how to keep the ball from leaving the table. With that in mind, there are many different aspects of paddles and what they do. Here are some features that ping pong paddles have:

  • Ball Speed– as a beginner, the most important thing is to keep the ball on the table. If the ball goes too fast, it might be harder to keep up with the ball or to make sure that it doesn’t go out of bounds. The more expensive paddles tend to be faster because they are made from stronger materials. As a beginner, purchasing a cheaper paddle can go a long way. A cheaper paddle can help you to slow the speed down and give you practice of where to hit the ball.
  • Consistency– It is important to find a paddle that can help you, especially as a beginner, to stay consistent. If you can practice always hitting the ping pong ball in the same spot, then you can learn how to handle the paddle and learn to know exactly where the ball will go. As a beginner, you should look for a ping pong paddle that gives you more control, one that is less powerful. The more powerful ping pong paddles are great for high level games, but as a beginner, consistency is the key to learning.
  • Ball Spin- As a beginner, spinning the ball will not be on the top of the list of priorities. Even though ball spinning is fun and can give you more skill, the less the spin, the more opportunities there are to learn control.       Spinning the ball is a great skill to learn and this can benefit both offensive and defensive ping pong players, but the less spin at the beginning, the more control that you can learn.

Ping Pong Paddle Control 

Control is arguably the most important aspect of a ping pong paddle. If you are a beginner, you most likely have not figured out the best techniques for returning different types of serves. A table tennis bat with great control will help a beginner player simply keep the ping pong ball on the table. 

Ping Pong Paddle Spin

In order to generate more spin a player will often have to give up some aspects of control. Spin allows you to shape the trajectory of your table tennis shots in order to make your opponent miss the ball or hit precise locations on the table. 

Ping Pong Paddle Price 

An affordable ping pong paddle that still offers good quality generally ranges from $20-$50. This is the price range in which most beginner ping pong paddles lie. Anything above this price is most likely a more advanced ping pong paddle that will offer lower levels of control and a higher ability to spin the ball. 

Tips for Buying the Best Ping Pong Paddle for Beginner Players

As a beginner, it is important to pick the best ping pong paddle that is available to you. Learning to block, backspin and spike the ball will come in time, but for a beginner, it is important just to keep the ball on the table and in bounds. Here are some great tips for beginner players:

  • Purchase a paddle that has more control.
  • Leave the power to the intermediate players.
  • Find a paddle that fits your hand perfectly, one that can help you to keep the ball in control.
  • Lighter rackets can help you to keep up with the ball better, try to purchase a racket that is made from light plywood or other lightweight woods.
  • Look for an affordable, cheaper ping pong paddle that can help you make shots with precision.
  • Find a paddle that is not made for any specific style so that you can develop your own playing skills.
  • Look for a paddle that gives you good grip.
  • Try out different paddles to try and figure out which style you are. When you become more than a beginner ping ponger, you will find that your grip might change and that you are more of an offensive rather than a defensive player.

Why Use a beginner ping pong paddle?

A beginner ping pong paddle is perfect for someone who is not trying to out skill an opponent, but wants to consistently return any serve and have control over the velocity with which the ping pong ball leaves the paddle.