If you want to hunt for predators during the night, then you will need a spotlight that you can see and they can’t. This is where the best hunting lights for predators come into play. The eyes of nocturnal animals cannot pick up the same light shades as humans. For example, coyotes, gators, deer and hogs cannot see red and green hunting lights during the night. Their eyes do not pick up these shades and therefor it looks like nothing to them. That’s why these predator lights are either red or green. When shining one of these lights towards a predator, you will be able to see them, but they will not see you.

Best LED Hunting Predator Light Comparison

  • Scope Mounted
  • 273 yards
  • LED
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Red or Green
  • Scope Mounted
  • 450 yards
  • Adjustable Focus
  • LED
  • Water Resistant
  • Red or Green
  • Handheld
  • 250 yards
  • LED
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Red

What to Look for in an LED Predator Hunting Light 


Hunting lights do not need to be extremely bright. All you need is a light that is bright enough to each the predator from a significant distance before they hear you coming. This distance is usually about 40 yards at minimum.

Light Beam Adjustment

Some of the types of light can be adjusted from a high beam light that is wide to a more focused beam style. Hunters often find that a wide beam is better as you can see more area.

Types of Predator Hunting Lights

Handheld Spotlights

Handheld Spotlights look like a flashlight and need to be held by the hunter while walking. These lights work just as well as others, but they do not free your hands.


Headlamps are perfect for hunting because they work just as well as a flashlight, but they free your hands for holding the gun and any other hunting equipment that you may need.

Gun Mounted Lights

Gun mounted lights are often preferred by hunters because they always allow the hunter to keep the light pointed in the same direction of the gun. If a predator comes across the light, then the gun is already pointed in that direction for quick reaction.

Hog Hunting Lights – Frequently Asked Questions

Can wild hogs see Green light?

Hogs have trouble picking up green lights during the night. This wavelength of light is hard for hogs to see and therefor is great to use while hunting. Green light is often the preferred color of light for hot hunting because it allows the hunter to see the hog from a long distance, while the hog cannot see the hunter.

Can wild hogs see red light?

Wild hogs cannot see red light. This wavelength of light is too hard for their eyes to pick up. Therefore, many hunters use red predator lights while hog hunting. The hog’s eyes will shine in the red light to help the hunter see where the animal is hiding.

What is the best time to hunt hogs?

The best time to hunt hogs is during the early morning or late afternoon. Although these times are good for hog hunting, you can also hog hunt during the night. Hogs are often active during the night, especially when the moon is bright. This is another great time to go hog hunting.

Coyote Hunting Lights – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best color light for coyote hunting?

The best color for coyote hunting depends on the hunter’s preference. Hunters should either use a green or red light while hunting. Coyotes are not able to see the wavelength of green and red light, so these colors will work well. If you want to be able to see coyote better, then use a green light. Although these lights are better for finding the coyote, they can sometimes be seen. A red light is virtually impossible for a coyote to see at night, but it is sometimes hard to see the coyote in a red light.

Do spotlights scare coyotes?

Coyotes do not like bright lights. A spotlight will normally startle a coyote and freeze them for a split second until they get scared and decide to run off. A spotlight will scare a coyote away.