The best standup fishing kayaks are perfect for fishing in saltwater or freshwater. These standup fishing kayaks will provide smooth and quiet navigation to provide the best possible fishing experience.

The Best Standup Fishing Kayak

Top Choice

Wilderness Systems Stand Up Fishing Kayak

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 Angler Kayak

  • Saltwater/Freshwater
  • Thrust Level: 30
  • Price: $$$
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Best Bang for the Buck

Feelfree Lure 10 Kayak

  • Freshwater Only
  • Thrust Level: 30
  • Price: $$
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Buying the Perfect Stand Up Fishing Kayak

When making a large purchase like a fishing kayak, it is important to know what kind of kayak that you are hoping to purchase before spending your money on something that you may not end up happy with.

Many people are interested in purchasing stand up fishing kayaks because they want the freedom to be able to stand and see what is going on in the water that they are fishing in. With a stand-up fishing kayak, the fisher is able to see what fish are in the water so that they can hook the big catch easier. With a stand-up kayak, the fisher is also able to navigate through waterways easier, especially ones that are narrower and offer tricky twists and turns.

One great thing about fishing kayaks is that they are affordable, basically maintenance free, they require no type of gas or oil and they are super easy to fish out of. Fishing kayaks have a way of sneaking up on the fish because they are extremely quiet.

It is important to realize that most kayaks can be made to fit whatever fishing needs that you are looking for. That is what is so great about kayaking, they are relatively cheap, compared to boats, and they can be customized to fit whatever need you have.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Fishing Kayak

There are many tips that you can follow in order to find the perfect fishing kayak. It is important to know and understand the different kayaks that are offered before you make your final purchase. There are two main types of kayaks and these include the sit-on-top kayak and the sit-in kayak. Both of these types of kayaks have many great qualities, but which one really suits the fisherman the most?

Sit-in kayaks

When purchasing a sit-in kayak it can be a great deal and a lot of fun, but sit-in kayaks are a downfall for fishermen. Fishermen tend to stray away from sit-in kayaks for the following reasons:

  • They are hard to get in and out of, making the fish scared from the movement.
  • Sit-in kayaks are easier to sink because when water gets in the seat and on the inside of the kayak, it does not have any release.
  • The sit-in kayak takes you almost even with the surface of the water and therefore you are unable to see where you are fishing and what fish are close to you.
  • They are not made for standing in.

Sit-on top kayaks

Sit-on kayaks offer a much greater advantage for any fisherman. These types of kayaks offer a way for you to be able to sit or stand and to be able to look in the water around you. The sit-on kayak is super easy to get in and out of and this is important when you are casting your rod. Fishermen usually go for the sit-on kayaks for these reasons:

  • They do not fill up with water.
  • They allow you to sit or stand higher so you can see your surroundings and the fish around you.
  • They offer comfortable seating.
  • Sit-on kayaks offer more storage for your gear and for any extra accessories that you might need.
  • These types of kayaks are easier to customize to fit all of your fishing needs.

Stand Up Fishing Kayaks

If you are a fishing fanatic and you are looking for the ultimate kayak for fishing, stand up fishing kayaks are the best! With stand up fishing, you are able to see the fish before they can see you. Using a stand-up fishing kayak can be amazing for those that are looking to fish closer to the surface and in shallower water because they are easier to control than other kayaks.

What Important Features Should Your Stand-Up Fishing Kayak Have?

When purchasing a stand-up fishing kayak, the most important thing to look for is a kayak that is stable. When you stand in a kayak, it is important that you are able to keep your balance and to stabilize your weight so that you do not flip over and scare all of the fish away.

There are many different features that are important to any fisherman and these are some of the most important fishing kayak features that you might just be looking for:

  • Storage-when purchasing a stand-up fishing kayak, make sure that you have plenty of storage to bring along your gear. Most fishermen need to have at least one pole, a tackle box and more, so having the idea storage can be a fisherman’s dream come true.
  • Movability-being able to move easily and lightly through the water is important when fishing. When you purchase a fishing kayak, make sure that you are purchasing one that is light in the water and that will allow you to move easily to where the fish are. Also, keep in mind, you have to be able to get this kayak in the water so make sure that it is easy to transport to and from the water, especially when you are fishing alone.
  • The Kayak’s Keel-The keel of the kayak is very important and plays a huge role in steering the kayak. Make sure that you are purchasing a kayak that allows you to move along the water steadily. If you are going in deep water, you need to make sure that you have a good keel, but in shallow water or small waters, having a keel can hold the kayak back from doing what it is intended to do.

What Are the Benefits of Purchasing a Stand-Up Fishing Kayak?

The benefits of purchasing a stand-up fishing kayak are endless. They are fun, adventurous and they can give you advantage over the fish in the water. Here are some great reasons that purchasing a stand-up fishing kayak is right for you:

  • Quiet-kayaks are very quiet and so when you are fishing and riding around on the water, the fish will not be scared away. It is important to not scare the fish away when you are trying to make that perfect catch.
  • Accessible-The stand-up fishing kayak is very accessible. You can go in water that is deep and do some trolling or you can use your stand-up fishing kayak in shallow waters that have many turns and curves. Stand-up fishing kayaks can even be used in shallow streams and tiny waterways. They are easy to maneuver in all types of water.
  • Cost-effective-since kayaks are self-propelled, they do not require gas, batteries or other high costs to run them. They can be paddled with oars or many of them come with peddles to help you through the water. When operating a boat, you have to pay big maintenance fees, purchase gas, change the oil and more. With a kayak, you can catch your fish and eat them too!


Having a stand-up fishing kayak can benefit the fisherman in so many ways. Since these kayaks are customizable and easier to use, fishermen can get out on the water even more than the did before. While on the kayak, let your instincts run wild and learn to get the perfect cast so that you can bring in that big catch of the day!

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