Coyote hunting can be very challenging so it is best if you know all of the ins and outs of coyote hunting so that you can make the most out of your hunt. Even though this type of hunting can be challenging, it can also be very fun and addicting. Make sure that you are prepared to have a great time while out with your friends or family!

Once you find your perfect location, you need to ask yourself “what is the best time of the day for me to coyote hunt?” Asking this question prior to leaving for your trip can save you a lot of time, energy and resources.

Coyotes are very adaptable animals so they can learn quickly how to adapt to different habitats, so make sure that you know your habitat so that you can find the best populated areas such as places close to cows, deer, around water and even in crop fields.

There are many different times of the day that hunting coyote can be very successful such as:

  • Early Morning
  • Late Morning
  • Noon Time
  • Late Afternoon
  • Evening

Early Morning

The most successful time for coyote hunting is in the early morning. If you want to be the best that you can be, you will find that early morning hunting and evening hunting is the time when coyotes are the most active.

Late Morning

Late morning, after 10:30 AM is also a great time to hunt coyote because the coyote has settled down a little bit and are slightly slower than they are in the early morning. When using a coyote call, coyotes seem to respond better in the late morning to the call than they do during the early morning.

If you already have your spot picked out, it will be easier for you to adapt to the movement of the coyote and to be ready to bring in your prize hunt.

Noon Time

Even though less coyote seems to be out during the noon time, since a coyote is very adaptable, they will come out if they feel that they are going to get a free meal. Coyotes are very curious animals and they will let their curiosity run free, even when it is warmer.

Remember, on cooler days, coyote is more active, so even at noon time in the cooler seasons, you can make a great hunt!

Late Afternoon

Coyote can be called anytime of the day, but most hunters will find that late afternoon calling is less successful than other times of the day. Sometimes, if you can find a great location and have the perfect setup, you can still catch a coyote in the late afternoon.


As we mentioned before, coyotes are most active in the early morning and the evening, so evening is a great time to catch you a coyote or two. Usually, the evening is the last chance that you have to catch your coyote, and this is perfect since their activity level picks up again. You can also hunt in the dark as coyotes are nocturnal.


Finding the perfect hunting light and the perfect equipment can take coyote hunting to the next level, but the most important is to know the best time of the day to coyote hunt. If you can figure out all of the bits and pieces of coyote hunting, your trip will be both fun and successful!