When purchasing the best Wakesurf board, sometimes called a Wake Surfing Board, there are many different features to look for including size, shape, rocker, rails and amenities that the board offers.

The Best Wakesurf (Wake Surfing) Boards

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Table of Contents

  1. Ride Wakesurf Board Review
  2. Airhead Bonzai Wakesurfer Review
  3. Driftsun Throwdown Wakesurf Board Review
  4. Tips for Purchasing a Wakesurf (Wake Surfing Board)

#1. The Ride WAKESURF Board

The Ride Wakesurf Board is a surfboard that allows the surfer to make easy turns and gives the surfer traction to control the way the board moves. The board is made up of compression molded material with a double edge rail and includes three different fins which allow the surfer to do tricks and to catch the best waves while riding behind the boat. The tail fins are 1.75 inches tall.

The kicktail of the Ride Wakesurf Board is CNC diamond cut from EVA material which means that this will allow the surfer to surf without worrying about slipping off of the board.

The board is approximately 5 foot 2 inches long and it carries a weight limit of approximately 150 pounds. The Ride Wakesurf Board weighs only 5 pounds so it is easy to carry for almost any user.

The Ride Wakesurf Board is a great board for beginners or for novice surfers. The board also comes with a rope so that the board will not get away from the surfer.

According to Amazon.com, the Ride Wakesurf Board has a 4.7 out of 5-star review with the board being easy to handle for all water surfer levels, the durability of the board and the style being over the top. Out of 16 reviews, all customers gave this board a 4 or more-star rating.

#2. Airhead BONZAI Wakesurfer

The Airhead Bonzai Wakesurfer is a board that is perfect for any water surfer. If you are a beginner or intermediate surfer, this board can fit you. It has a classic shape, making it easy for all water surfers to be able to tackle the board and to hit those boat waves.

The Airhead Bonzai Wakesurfer is 63 inches x 20.5 inches, making the board easy to handle by small and bigger people. The board is made up of fiberglass and is compression molded with dual hook grooves to make handling a wave a breeze.

The kicktail has an EVA pad that is molded to give the newest surfer the grip needed to hang on to the board while catching small or big waves. With the three fins, the board is fast and can handle waves of all sizes. The three fins are recessed and mounted and are 2.5 inches.

The Airhead Bonzai Wakesurfer is 9.9 pounds, making this board easy to carry for even the smallest water surfer. The best thing about the Airhead Bonzai Wakesurfer board is that it comes with a parts warranty, so if there is a problem, the company will help make it right.

Amazon.com customers give this board a 3.4 out of 5-star rating with ease of use being one of the best ratings from customers. Other customers loved that the board came with three fins and many felt that the board held up, even to larger surfers.

#3. Driftsun Throwdown Wakesurf Board

The Driftsun Throwdown board is designed for all levels of surfers, from beginners to intermediate. This board is fast and smaller, for easier handling. The length of the board is 4 foot 8 inches and has a width of 20 inches. The board is tapered with 1.5-inch thickness and it is made up of strong material that can help the board last through all surfing seasons.

The Driftsun has a core made of EPS and a full natural stringer, all being hand finished for extra style. The shape of the board is perfect for all surfers, with a square nose, a concave base contour, low rails and a diamond shaped tail, this board can take on any wave.

The fins of the Driftsun are removable and include 4, F4 fins, two are the surf fins and are 4.25 inches and two are the trailing fins at 3.75 inches. The fins can be customized and interchanged to give you the desired surf that you are trying to accomplish.

The Driftsun includes a textured EVA traction pad so that surfers do not have to worry about slipping off the board and can concentrate on catching that wave. The Driftsun weighs 12.8 pounds, making it easy for all water surfers to carry the board to the water.

Amazon.com gave the Driftsun Throwdown board a 4 out of 5-star rating, including the ease of maneuvering the board through the water, the stability of the board, and the board being great for beginners.

Tips for Purchasing a Wakesurf (Wake Surfing) Board

When looking to purchase a Wakesurf or Wake Surfing Board, it is important to make sure that you are purchasing a board that is right for you. The size of a Wakesurf changes from board to board and this is an important feature because it helps to accommodate different styles and ability levels of the surfer.

Wake Surfing Board Size

If purchasing a board for a larger rider, bigger wakesurf boards have more area and can float better. The larger the board, the slower that the board will go through the water, making it easier for beginners to learn.

Smaller wakesurf boards are easier to do tricks with and are faster in the water. These are perfect for intermediate and advanced riders, and those that are smaller and lighter. Big wakesurf boards will support lighter riders, but small wakesurf boards are best for lighter riders only.

Wake Surfing Board Shape

The shape of a wakesurf board falls into three different categories, hybrid, skim, and surf shapes. The hybrid combines both skim and surf into one board. The shape of the board matters because the different shape decides how fast and how many tricks that the water surfer can do.

Surf shaped boards hold the water better and they use the water and the power from the boat to increase the wave style. The volume of a surf shaped wakesurf board helps the rider to stay fast on the water, while those with less volume go slower.

The smaller, skim shaped boards wakesurf board, the less buoyant it will be, and these types of boards are faster and easier to handle in the water. The smaller boards have smaller fins, and this allows the water surfer to track the wave, spin, slide and move back and forth quickly and in a more slippery fashion.

The hybrid shapes bring a board that is smaller, and it allows the user to have power and durability to do tricks and to have more fun in the water. These wakesurf boards are faster and combine the surf and skim shape to make it the ultimate wave jumping board.

Wake Surfing Board Design

A wakesurfing board is actually similar to a kneeboard. One important feature is the rocker. If you have less rocker, the board will go faster and will ride smoother in the water. The more rocker a wakesurf board has, the slower the board will go and it will react stronger to the waves.

The rails of the wakesurf board are also important to note when making a new purchase. The thinner rail helps the wakesurf board to go faster and the thicker rails makes the wakesurf board go slower on the waves.

Amenities are always important when making a new purchase. If safety is important, having a rope and handle on the board might be a big seller for you. With the rope, the water surfer is able to use the rope to get up on the wake board. This allows the surfer, especially beginners, to be able to pull up on the board and then the board can be thrown to the boat. If a rope is too skinny or too short, the rope can pose a danger to the water surfer and can tangle easy around the user.

Purchasing a wakesurf board or a wakesurf can be a fun and family friendly purchase. Remember to consider all of your options before making a purchase so that you can have fun catching those waves!