Catching Catfish in a River is a difficult task. Catfish like to sit at the bottom of rivers and feed of prey that floats by. These fish are actually lazy. In this article we will teach you how to catch catfish in rivers. 

What you will Need to Catch Catfish in a River

There are a few things that you will need to catch a catfish in a river. Here are some of the essentials: 

1. Catfish Rod

2. CatfishReel

3. Catfish Bait

4. Fishing line

5. Hooks

Now we will cover each of these pieces of fishing equipment. 

What type of Catfish Rod should I use?

A catfish rod does not need to be long or thick. Unless you are fishing for a 100+ pound cat, then you can catch a river catfish on almost any type of rod. 

What type of catfish reel is best for catching river cats?

The type of reel should generally be a spinning reel, baitcasting reel, or a spincast reel. 

What is the best Catfish bait for rivers?

The best bait for a catfish in the river is generally a worm, cricket, crawfish, or some other type of live bait. If you do not want to use live bait, you can also use catfish power bait. This works very well.

How strong of fishing line do I need to catch a catfish? 

The best type of line for catching catfish is filament line that is around 20-30lbs. This line should be strong enough to catch the catfish while also thin enough to trick the fish. 

What size hooks do I need to use for catfish? 

If you are using a worm or cricket, the best size of hook is a 0/4 or 0/5. This size of hook will catch the catfish with ease but also keep the bait in the hook during cast.