The rules of spikeball can be difficult to learn. Before learning spikeball rules it is important to understand what spikeball actually is. 

What is Spikeball?

Spike ball is a game that is becoming very popular amongst sport enthusiasts. It is a game that is considered to be similar to volleyball and four square and it is played with generally four total players, but sometimes up to six. A net is placed between the teams and a player serves the ball, bouncing it on the trampoline like net, to the opponents, who then, must return the ball back, again bouncing it on the trampoline like net.

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1. Serving

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2. Possession

3. Returning

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Spikeball Rules

The first and probably most noted rule of Spike Ball is that there are no boundaries. So, if the ball goes far, it still is considered in bounds. This is a high workout sport that takes much practice and much energy to complete a game.

At the start of the game, the players need to stand around the net, and the players that are on the same team will stand close to each other. Players need to always be standing across from the net, across from their opponents, when the ball is served.

The rules of Spike Ball are very similar to the rules of volleyball and the game starts with one player “serving” the ball. The ball is a small yellow ball, that is similar to a volleyball, but smaller. The Spike Ball is yellow and plastic, but it is light and very bouncy, close to the size of a softball. The net is basically a small trampoline that is on legs.

When the person “serves” the ball, the ball MUST land on the trampoline and bounce off. The players on the opposing team then have three chances to hit the ball back in play, into the net, and bounce the ball back to the other team.

The game continues until the ball either goes out of play, or the ball bounces twice on the net, which is a no-no. The players are not allowed to carry the ball or to hit the ball twice, this causes the opposite team to gain a point. It the opposite team loses a point, the serve also goes to the opposing team, as well. This is another rule that is very similar to volleyball.

Another rule of Spike Ball is that the player is only allowed to hit the ball with one hand. The ball can be tapped to other players, but it can still only be one handed when this happens. The teams have a total of three hits to get the ball to the other team, but one player cannot hit the ball twice in a row.

It is not required for the player to take three hits, any amount of hits that can get the ball to bounce on the trampoline and to the other side, as long as it is three or less is acceptable. The ball is allowed to be hit, bumped, or punched.

How to Score in Spike Ball

Spike Ball, once again similar to volleyball, plays to 21 points and the team can only win if they are winning by two points or more. In order for a team to get a point, points are awarded on each serve, and given to whichever team scores the point, unlike volleyball, the point is given to the team regardless of who is serving the ball.

When the ball hits the ground, that is when the points are awarded. Another rule of the game is that the ball cannot hit the outer plastic ring of the trampoline, this is called the “rim” or the “pipe” and the other team gets the point when this happens.

Techniques of Spike Ball

Players are allowed to begin moving as soon as the ball is in play, but they must return back to the original position when a point is scored so that the ball can be served again. Try and trick your opponent by spiking the ball soft if they are far from the net, or hard if they are close to the net. Remember, the game play is 360 degrees around, making the whole area open play.

Some other techniques include not spiking the ball straight down because it gives the opposite team an easier opportunity to get the ball. The second technique is to mirror the person across the net from you and lastly, try to aim the ball to hit the net, this gives your teammate the chance to spike the ball so that you can score a point.

Where to Play Spike Ball

Spike Ball can be played anywhere that there is an open space. The Spike Ball trampoline is small, and it does not take up much room to set up the game and the biggest area needed is for the players to be able to move so they can get to the ball easily. Spike Ball can be set up at the beach, a park or even your own backyard.

Gather your family and friends and set up a game of Spike Ball for the whole group to enjoy. This game is easily set up and easily taken down, making play easy, carefree and fun!